About us

StoneCoat is the leading innovator of a unique process creating realistic stone wall finishes.  We are the first innovator of the exclusive “Blown Stone” system which allows you to literally reface virtually any vertical surface with a realistic stone finish.

The process has been a popular means of resurfacing and revitalizing walls in Europe for decades, but now we are introducing this innovative systems to the America’s.

STONECOAT  Hydraulically Applied Limestone Veneer

For centuries, man has used Limestone as a building material of choice.  From the pyramids to today, it has stood the test of time.

Originally developed in Europe to restore old historic buildings, StoneCoat is a proprietary blend of Limestone and other natural stone materials and minerals specifically designed to be applied over most any surface. It is a perfect solution for existing buldings and homes and is ideal for new cosntruction, hotels, restaurants, state highway and municipal projects, and many more residential and commercial applications.     StoneCoat’s product and its process is gaining more and more awareness here in the United States in the building and remodeling industry because of its unlimited application and creativity opportunities as well as cost savings.    StoneCoat’s proprietary mix can be used in almost any remodeling or new construction opportunity.

STONECOAT  – “Our Mission”

StoneCoat is committed to become recognized as a “building material of choice” in the construction industry in the same way, brick, cut stone, or concrete veneers, are chosen by builders, remodelrs, and architects alike by providing a quality, value added, (value engineering), green, “alternative stone product”.

A Stone Coat application can dramatically reduce site construction times, as the application is faster than alternative stone veneer or brick solutions.  At only six pounds per square feet, Stone Coat can be applied with more versatile applications and is less restrictive and labor intensive than construction typically using stone eliminating the need of the traditional brick ledge.  Because of its light weight, StoneCoat gives increased versatility and creativity such as barrel ceilings, and interior applications directly onto sheetrock, precast and customized elements.  In terms of creativity and custom design, STONECOAT offers limitless possibilities over traditional cut stone and other concrete veneers.