Interested in updating the interior or exterior of your home?  Our residential customers have found that updating their home with a real stone finish can really add a unique
and special visual appeal.  

StoneCoat offers a revolutionary process whereby stone can be blown or sprayed on any wall or ceiling and then carved to create the look and feel desired.

Colors, textures and designs are completely customary, creating the desired result.   Interested in creating a Tuscan theme for your dining room?  How about a cottage theme for your family room or fireplace?  Whether it a contemporary, rubble stone, fieldstone, hill country, Texas native stone, French country, or other theme, StoneCoat can create a beautifully finished product according to the customer’s preferences.

StoneCoat makes it easy to completely change the look and design of a home with its revolutionary process.  A thin stone veneer that is lightweight, eco-friendly and a perfect alternative for fake, faux or stone block walls or other surfaces.

Blown Stone, as we like to call it is a creative long term solution to re-facing the exterior or interior of a home or other structure with a natural stone finish.


With this amazing product through Stonecoat, stone can be blown onto almost any surface. As you see here, Stonecoat sprayed limestone on this home and make it look like real stone, because it is real stone.  Stonecoat is 100% real limestone. Before, this plain and ordinary fireplace was boring and dull. Now, this residential home has a real stonewall and stone fireplace in their beautiful house! This is not faux stone or fake stone – it is limestone. Stone veneers, or manufactured stone, will never give you the flexibility and durability as Stonecoat can with our hydraulically blown stone. If you are looking to do a stone renovation or a stone remodeling job, Stonecoat is the product of choice. The only limit is your imagination. Our masonry artisans are highly trained and offer a completely custom stone finish.