What does the price I was quoted include?

We price everything as unit price + core deposit.  For example $3075 + $450 core = $3525. We always include the price of shipping to a commercial address and return of the core in our price quotes. Applicable sales tax will be added where required by law.

Why should I buy a remanufactured engine from you instead of a new one from the dealership?

Our manufactures build for the dealerships! In most instances the remanufactured engine you purchase from us was built by the same company that builds for the dealerships.  Ours will cost less and come with the same 3 year / 100,000 mile warranty that is good nationwide.

What is the difference between remanufactured and rebuilt?

Rebuilt units are usually only repaired to the point of failure.  Meaning that they only fix what is broken or worn out. Remanufactured is as close to new as you can get while still utilizing some parts from the original unit.  Every part on a remanufactured unit meets the same tolerances and specifications of a new unit.

How do you know a used engine will last?

You don’t. These are mechanical parts that get put through all kinds of driving conditions and no one truly know how long an engine will last.  That is why we have a warranty on all the parts we sell. Mechanical parts in the automotive industry fail about 5% of the time. That failure rate is about the same whether it’s a properly tested used unit, a remanufactured unit or a brand new unit. Now a warranty is only as good as the company that is backing the warranty.  That’s why you want to buy from Tearaparts.

Can I install a Tearaparts engine myself or do I need to have a shop do it?

It depends on your technical ability and experience.  We highly recommend you find a competent and certified mechanic or shop to do the install for you.  And we prefer competent over certified any day! Whoever you have doing the install, make sure they know what they are doing.  If you are not sure if they know or not, then the answer is they don’t. Improper install in not covered under warranty. It’s not the engines fault if it get installed wrong.

What is your usual delivery time?

Delivery time can vary depending on a few factors.  

  1. Is the unit you need built and ready to ship?

  2. How far are you from the warehouse that has the unit?

We have many of the most popular engines and transmissions built a ready to ship from multiple warehouse spread throughout the country.  In those cases we can typically reach most of the country for delivery within 1-3 days. If we don’t have one sitting on a warehouse shelf for you we can typically build one in 3-5 days.  Give us a call and we can give you a very accurate delivery window.

How much does shipping or delivery cost?

We always include the price of shipping to a commercial address and return of the core in our price quotes.

What are your standard product warranties and what do they cover?

  • Remanufactured Gas Engines – 3 years / 100,000 Mile Parts and Labor Warranty

  • Remanufactured Diesel Engines – 18 Month / Unlimited Miles Part and Labor Warranty

  • Remanufactured Automatic Transmissions – 3 years / 100,000 Mile Parts and Labor Warranty

  • Used Engines or Transmissions – 6 Month Part Only / Unlimited Miles

Extended warranties and labor coverage are available for used units.  Please see the Warranty Information page at Tearaparts.com for complete written warranties.

Where is Rhome, TX?

Rhome is a suburb north west of Fort Worth.  It sits at the intersection of HWY 287 and HWY 114 in Wise County Texas. We are located 9 miles west of the Texas Motor Speedway.

How do I get my core back to Tearaparts?

Call (844-483-2727) or email (corereturn@tearaparts.com) us when it has been drained of fluids and is secured back in the tote or crate that we delivered your new one in.  We will dispatch a truck to get it picked up and returned.

Do I have to pay the shipping for the core return?

No.  We included shipping of the unit to you and shipping of the core back to us in the original price we quoted you.

How long does it take to get my core refund?

Engine cores (gas and diesel) are sent back directly to our manufactures.  Due to the volume of cores they process on a daily bases it takes about two weeks from the time it gets to the manufacturer to get checked in.  Once checked in we issue the core refund back to you the next business day.

Transmission cores are checked in here at our main warehouse in Rhome TX.  They don’t require a teardown for check in like the engines do so we are able to process them more quickly.  We are usually able to get core refund issued the day after the core is received at our warehouse.

How much labor do you pay in case of a failure?

Our warranty labor rate is $85 per hour.  That means if there was a failure of a unit we would replace the unit and pay $85 per hour per book time.  If the mechanic book says it is an 8 hour job then we will pay 8 hours at $85 per hour. You would be responsible for anything extra that your mechanic charges above the $85 per hour

How do I get a tracking number?

Once a unit has been shipped we will put the freight carriers PRO number on your invoice and then send you your invoice via email.  See below for a sample invoice.

Do I have to pre pay the core deposit?


Can you take the core back at the time you deliver the new unit?

No. We don’t want your core back until you have the new unit installed and running properly.  There are always parts that need to be swapped over from your old unit to the new one. Experience and taught us that when we pick up a core before the install is done we always end up getting a call from the shop asking us if we still have the core because they left something on it that they need. We don’t hold onto cores. We get them sent back to our manufactures quickly so they can get more units built for us to sell.

What does a good core consist of?

To get full credit back for a core it must be the same part that we sent you and free from any physical damage.  It must be fully assembled and include all the parts that were sent on the new one. Diesel engine core have to be torn down at the manufacturer and inspected for internal damage prior to credit being issued.  If you are unsure about whether your core will qualify for full credit, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

What is a core deposit for?

Our manufacturers use some parts from your old unit to build their remanufactured units for us to sell.  We need your old unit back or this process won’t keep going. This deposit insures that we get your old one back once you have installed the new one.