StoneCoat Opens Egypt Division!



Tarek is a real estate developer overseas and in the United States. As a successful entrepreneur, Tarek has started multiple businesses including founding of Zizo Soccer Agency. Tarek is certified by Sports Management Worldwide in Soccer Operations and Scouting. The past few decades he has spent time studying the structure of world soccer leagues and the analysis of individual players. This in turn has lead him to objectively scout players from youth levels to pro leagues worldwide. Tarek’s passion for the game is second to none. His professional soccer career was cut short due to injuries but that did not stop him from accomplishing his work. His daily devotion to his clients and their fair treatment, both on and off the field, is the driving force and purpose of why he created Zizo Soccer Agency.

Tarek is the founder of StoneCoat Egypt and is thrilled to be expanding this incredible product and process across the globe.

Jamie Knight