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Stucco as a construction material has been around for over 9000 years, allowing builders to apply it as a semi-smooth or textured finish coat on exterior walls as siding. But what are some of the qualities contractors and homeowners seek in stucco and help keep stucco repair costs reasonable?

At StoneCoat®, we understand that keeping your home’s exterior looking great is essential for curb appeal and maintaining your property’s value. Learn everything you need to know about stucco repair as a contractor or homeowner below.

Why Do People Like Stucco Exteriors?

In dry areas where wildfires are common, stucco exteriors offer fire resistance. Stucco’s 1-hour fire rating means it can resist standard fire exposure for an hour, making it an ideal siding for residential structures. Homes with stucco exteriors are prevalent in the Southwest, but stucco is also popular in other areas.

Stucco Is Attractive and Pest-Resistant

Many homeowners prefer natural or neutral stucco colors. However, stucco accepts liquid or powdered tint to achieve the desired color. For those who want bold hues, synthetic stucco offers many options. Those who want to keep pests at bay appreciate stucco’s pest resistance.

Regular Stucco Maintenance

Stucco can last for centuries but requires care and maintenance to stay strong. If you purchase a stucco home or building, grade any gardening areas and attach gutters to drain away from the foundation. Moisture that lingers around the foundation can lead to shifting and unstable soil, which can cause the foundation to move and create cracks in the stucco.

Keeping Stucco Clean

Like other siding types, traditional stucco can collect grime and be vulnerable to algae and mold over time. Before cleaning stucco, inspect it for damage or cracks. Water that gets inside cracks or openings can lead to deterioration, including mold growth.

If you don’t find any damaged areas, move ahead with cleaning. Use a medium bristle brush to remove algae, grime and mold from the surface, then rinse the area. Use a garden hose to rinse, as high-pressure water can damage the stucco.

Stucco Repair

You can use a ready-made product to repair stucco and fill in small holes and hairline cracks. After cleaning loose debris from the crack or hole, follow the product’s instructions for repairing stucco.

Removing Damaged Stucco

If your old stucco siding develops large cracks or openings where loose stucco chunks have fallen away, water can get behind it and damage wood structures and walls. If you’re confident you can repair it, you will need to remove the damaged stucco while keeping the surrounding stucco intact.

Selecting the Proper Tools

Tools for stucco repair include a hammer, a utility knife and a chisel. To remove damaged areas from your existing stucco surface, carefully chip away cracked stucco with a hammer and a cold chisel if needed. Take your time to avoid damaging the lath underneath — the material nailed to studs (wood strips, gypsum board, metal) to create a surface for applying plaster or stucco.

Preparing the Lath

Once you remove the damaged stucco, cut a piece of builder’s paper to cover the exposed lath and fasten it with roofing nails. Repeat with a second layer of paper. Before you replace the stucco, you will need a surface to help it adhere. Cut metal mesh, also called metal lath, to fit over the paper. Using roofing nails, fasten the mesh to the wood lath under the builder’s paper. Trim the mesh to fit the space, and you’re ready to add your stucco.

Let Professionals Handle Your Stucco Repair

If doing it yourself doesn’t appeal to you, StoneCoat has you covered. We can connect you with stucco repair contractors who will do stucco remediation for you, eliminating the guesswork and worry of trying to do repair work yourself.

StoneCoat for Stucco Repair: The Cost-Effective Solution

StoneCoat offers stucco and stone alternatives to help you achieve effective and professional-looking stucco siding repair. You can apply our cost-effective, environmentally friendly products to any substrate.

At $10 -$19 per square foot, which is an affordable stucco repair cost, you get protection against fire, mold and rot. When you choose StoneCoat Smooth®, you get a 2-year installation warranty and a 20-year product warranty. The material sets overnight and requires no maintenance.

If you are looking for a cost-effective stucco repair, you can find us at 11431 Ferrell Drive, Suite 204, Farmers Branch, Texas. Call us today at 866-913-5341 for a free consultation.