StoneCoat of Texas L.L.C. offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that the StoneCoat Limestone product is free of defect and, is manufactured to perform as a natural limestone wall coating, projected on a surface, pigmented and handcrafted on site, if applied according to the methods and practices recommended by StoneCoat on acceptable surfaces inspected and prepared for projection, as indicated by StoneCoat. This warranty is for the lifetime of the product, which is defined, as the period that, the person, business or entity requested its application beginning with the date of finished application, and will be in effect as long as the person, business or entity still owns the property it was applied to. Additionally, StoneCoat of Texas L.L.C. warrants any defects or failure of the product to perform as a natural limestone application, failure to cure in 28 days and covers labor and materials for a period of one year from the application date.

Exclusions and Limitations:

1. Defects rotting or breakage to substrate not caused by the product or its application, whether existent prior to or after the application;

2. Failure or cracking of product due to settling of the structure or subsidence of the ground;

3. Noncompliance of the Builder or Contractor with applicable building codes;

4. Vandalism, collision, war, civil unrest or other intentional or accidental events or acts;

5. Fire, flood, storm, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, lightning strike, or other acts of God;

6. Pollution or acid rain.

Claim Procedure

To submit a claim under this warranty you must notify StoneCoat of Texas L.L.C., 4401 Westgrove Drive, Addison, TX 75001, Attention: President within thirty days after discovery of the alleged defect. The written notice must include a copy of the limited warranty, proof of purchase and a complete description of the alleged defect. If neither document is available, proof of purchase can be established by a visual inspection of the property.

StoneCoat of Texas L.L.C., 4401 Westgrove Drive, Addison, TX 75001 972-380-2700