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The History of Limestone

For thousands of years, man has used limestone as a primary building material.  Monuments such as the pyramids, Sphinx and the Parthenon, are all made primarily of limestone and offer proof to the longevity and majesty of this unique stone.


StoneCoat has the same geological rating as a piece of quarried and cut limestone.

The result is a “just add water” and “stone in a bag” that can be used for application on almost any vertical surface.

The unique quality of hydraulic limestone is that it does not set immediately which allows our trained applicators to carve and color the wall into virtually any stone design.

Once hardened, it becomes a seamless, breathable wall of pure limestone.  Because it is lightweight, it can be blown onto almost any surface including other stone, brick, cinder block, wood and even sheet rock thereby offering huge advantages over heavier quarried stone.


StoneCoat’s founder Ken Morrison, quickly realized the potential for this unique product in the building industry and has spent the last 13 years perfecting the product formula, and acquiring a patent and training for the process to the United States and Internationally. Stone Coat is uniquely positioned as a preferred product in the building industry.


StoneCoat Shared Values

• Faith and Family
• Integrity
• Quality Work
• Support Each Other
• Do the Right Thing Because it’s the Right Thing to Do
• Tell the Truth
• Learn from our Mistakes


Stone Coat’s mission is to be recognized in the construction industry by builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners as a building material of choice by providing a quality, value added, green alternative stone product.


StoneCoat is a patented product of specialized hydraulic limestone and other natural stone materials specifically designed to be applied over almost any surface.

It is a perfect solution for remodeling existing commercial buildings and homes and is ideal for new construction of hotels, restaurants, state highways, municipal projects, and any other residential or commercial project.