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Once applied, CARVE absorbs carbon dioxide and cures into calcium carbonate, or limestone. Timeless Design and Enduring Performance.

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StoneCoat products are sealed to create a barrier that prevents water intrusion while maintaining the breathability of the limestone material.

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Sustainably Crafted

Lifecycle Analysis and EPD reveal up to 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared to Portland-based stucco and manufactured stone.

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10-year Warranty

Experience peace of mind with our 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Invest in a lasting solution that stands the test of time.

Environmentally-Friendly Finishes for All Exterior and Interior Stone Surfaces

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A rendering of the exterior of a house using StoneCoat Products

Versatile Cladding for
Residential Applications

Crafting Every Detail with Care

Universally Compatible with a Variety of Substrates

Save Time & Money

Easy-to-Install hydraulically applied Stone Veneer. Saving You Time and Money.

A living room using StoneCoat products on its walls and fireplace

Timeless Finishes to Enhance Indoor Living Spaces

Timeless Finishes to Match Your Architectural Design

The Sustainable Choice for Commercial Applications

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Embracing Eco-Friendly Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Better for the environment. Lower environmental impact.

Building Applications

StoneCoat products deliver exceptional value in both commercial and residential building applications, with wall systems and claddings designed to outperform traditional materials. Our solutions are cost-competitive and provide enhanced durability, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness. The versatility of StoneCoat products enables value engineering (VE) for high-end finishes, making them the smart choice for builders and property owners seeking top-tier performance without compromising on budget.

Commercial Businesses

A rendering of a commercial structure using StoneCoat products on its exterior

StoneCoat products excel in commercial and multi-family construction projects due to their impressive combination of durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Our cost-competitive solutions provide long-lasting performance, enhancing building value while reducing maintenance and environmental impact.

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Residential Applications

A rendering of the exterior of a house using StoneCoat Products

StoneCoat products are ideal for residential construction, whether new builds or remodels, offering homeowners an appealing fusion of beauty, durability and sustainability. These cost-effective solutions are easy to install and maintain, elevating curb appeal and enhancing property value, while also supporting eco-friendly living.

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A rendering of the exterior of a house covered in StoneCoat FUSION with a completed roof


StoneCoat FUSION delivers 4-in-1 performance by ”fusing” four layers of building materials into a single structural wall panel.

The Next Generation Sheathing System That Does It All.

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A rendering of the exterior of a house using StoneCoat Products

StoneCoat SMOOTH

With StoneCoat SMOOTH natural limestone plaster, you can get the timeless look of stucco.

Timeless Design.
Enduring Performance.

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