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There is a StoneCoat product for every application and aesthetic!

A StoneCoat FUSION Board


StoneCoat FUSION delivers 4-in-1 performance by “fusing” four layers of building materials into a single structural wall panel.

The Next Generation Sheathing System That Does It All.

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StoneCoat SMOOTH

With StoneCoat SMOOTH natural limestone plaster, you can get the timeless look of stucco.

Timeless Design. Enduring Performance.

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StoneCoat CARVE

With StoneCoat CARVE natural limestone veneer, you can get the elegant look of stone or brick in a system that provides more options and better performance.

Traditional Elegance Meets Tomorrow’s Innovation.

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Durability Meets Design

StoneCoat Wall Systems and Claddings provide the perfect blend of longevity and aesthetics, ensuring your commercial construction projects stand out while standing the test of time.

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Finishes Beyond Imagination

StoneCoat claddings bring a new level of creativity to the world of commercial construction with our expansive range of finishes. Tailored to your specific design, our customizable options go beyond imagination, transforming the way we build for future generations.

Savings in Every StoneCoat Solution

Designed for faster installation and long-term durability, StoneCoat products offer substantial time and cost savings, making every solution a smart investment in your commercial construction project.

Exceptional Customer Support

StoneCoat is committed to turning your commercial vision into a sustainable masterpiece.

Elevated Masonry Solutions

Our masonry products ascend above the standard, offering durability and aesthetics for masonry finishes above 30-feet.

Your Partner in Net Zero

Products that are formulated with environmentally friendly materials and contribute to LEED credits.

Value Engineer Your Project

StoneCoat presents an advantageous value engineering approach for commercial projects by offering cost-efficient alternatives to pricier exterior materials, ensuring comparable durability and aesthetic appeal while significantly reducing project costs.

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Exterior Wall Solutions

StoneCoat cladding is compatible with a wide range of exterior wall systems, enabling seamless integration and providing versatile options for your commercial projects.

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Elevate your properties with StoneCoat – where modern design meets everyday living.

Retail & Mix Use

StoneCoat is the ideal choice for retail projects, offering a modern touch and visually captivating finishes to reinvigorate existing and new retail spaces.

A rendering of a commercial structure using StoneCoat products on its exterior

Office & Medical Office

Let StoneCoat transform your office or medical workspace into a beacon of inspiration and professionalism.


Embrace the transformative potential of StoneCoat FUSION for your industrial construction projects, where value-engineered concrete tilt panel walls blend practically with enduring finishes.

Building Applications

StoneCoat products deliver exceptional value in both commercial and residential building applications, with wall systems and claddings designed to outperform traditional materials. Our solutions are cost-competitive and provide enhanced durability, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness. The versatility of StoneCoat products enables value engineering (VE) for high-end finishes, making them the smart choice for builders and property owners seeking top-tier performance without compromising on budget.

FUSION Structural Insulated Sheathing

A rendering of a commercial structure using StoneCoat products on its exterior

Experience the power of StoneCoat FUSION structural insulated sheathing system, designed to revolutionize your retail construction and concrete tilt wall projects. FUSION offers an innovative approach to value engineering, providing a seamless blend of insulation, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal. FUSION enhances energy efficiency while transforming your retail spaces into high-performance, visually captivating environments.

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Commercial Construction Projects

A large commercial facility using StoneCoat SMOOTH on its exterior

StoneCoat products are ideal for all commercial construction applications, whether new builds or remodels, offering property owners an appealing fusion of beauty, durability and sustainability. These cost-effective solutions are easy to install and maintain, elevating curb appeal and enhancing property value, while also supporting your sustainability initiatives.

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A male engineer checking data on his tablet


StoneCoat products present General Contractors and homebuilders with a high-performance, cost-competitive alternative to traditional materials, elevating project quality and value. The versatility of our wall systems and claddings allows for value engineering (VE) of premium finishes, making StoneCoat the go-to choice for exceptional results.

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A woman standing in front of a blueprint with her arms crossed.

Architects & Design Professionals

StoneCoat products empower Architects and Design Professionals with high-performance, aesthetically appealing alternatives to traditional materials, seamlessly integrating value engineering (VE) for upscale finishes. Our versatile wall systems and claddings streamline construction documents and plans, simplifying the building process while significantly reducing the number of required materials.

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