StoneCoat FUSION Accelerates Productivity, Saving Time & Money.

In the construction industry, any way you can reduce costs and take time out of the process is money in your pocket. With razor-thin margins, labor shortages, and material availability issues, contractors will take any advantage they can get that still allows them to produce high-quality results.

StoneCoat FUSION provides that advantage. An innovative new insulated sheathing product, StoneCoat FUSION can dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with installing exterior sheathing and insulation systems, allowing contractors to get jobs done more quickly, and move onto the next one.

What is StoneCoat FUSION?

StoneCoat FUSION helps builders create energy-efficient wall systems without the compromises of traditional systems. It is a single-panel structural insulated sheathing system that replaces four layers of materials used in traditional exterior wall systems.

FUSION’S structural insulated sheathing and integrated masonry backing ensure exceptional design and strength, and panels are compatible with most exterior claddings. Their R10 insulation helps meet new energy code requirements, and FUSION also offers up to R30 insulation with 6-inch thickness. The panels also resist cracking, rotting, and mold compared to traditional building materials.

StoneCoat FUSION is approved for use in both Commercial and Residential construction applications. It’s a great option for new construction and has broad uses for renovation projects. For more details about StoneCoat FUSION’s performance characteristics and sustainability, visit our blog post.

But how can StoneCoat FUSION help contractors save time and money? The answer lies in the simplicity of its design. Here are the four main ways it does that.

4-in-1 Design

StoneCoat FUSION features a patent-pending, 4-in-1 design that eliminates the need for as many as four separate products used in traditional exterior insulation and sheathing. Instead of separately installing exterior insulation, OSB sheathing, waterproof & vapor barriers, and metal lath over the course of several days or even weeks, contractors only need to install a single panel of StoneCoat FUSION.

That means just one crew can complete installation in just one step, rather than scheduling multiple crews to install the different layers. It also means less time spent unloading trucks and less space to store materials waiting to be installed.


In addition to replacing as many as four layers of materials, StoneCoat FUSION panels weigh less than traditional materials. The two-inch panels weigh less than 20 pounds (more than 50% less than OSB), making them easier for crews to handle.

With that light weight, the FUSION panels go on faster than even a single layer of OSB. Their light weight also makes them easier to transport, requiring fewer trucks and far less fuel than traditional, four-layer systems.

Water-Resistant in One Step

Finally, StoneCoat FUSION is designed to provide a water- and weather-resistant building envelope in just one step. That means that once the FUSION panels are installed, the structure is impervious to wind and rain, giving the building a continuous air and water barrier.

That’s an important contrast to traditional, four-layer systems. Because the layers must be installed one at a time, they are vulnerable to the elements during construction. If rain does fall during installation, it can cause mold, cracking, and rot, resulting in contractors having to repair and replace materials in affected areas.

With StoneCoat FUSION, water intrusion is no longer a concern and the need to replace damaged panels is virtually eliminated.

Part of the StoneCoat System

Finally, using StoneCoat FUSION can also speed up the process of creating a complete exterior wall sheathing, insulation, and cladding system, all in a few steps.

That’s because FUSION panels are engineered to work with StoneCoat cladding products, which bond directly to the panels surface. Using StoneCoat SMOOTH, contractors can create a timeless stucco look. With StoneCoat CARVE, they can achieve the elegant look of stone veneer. All without metal lath or other masonry backings.

In addition to StoneCoat, FUSION is compatible with most exterior cladding systems. Contact one of our design experts to see if your preferred finishes are approved for direct application to FUSIONS surface.

Is StoneCoat FUSION Right for Your Project?

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