StoneCoat Helps Quick-Service Restaurants Keep Construction on Schedule and Open On Time

In the bustling world of quick-service restaurants, every minute of downtime counts. For two notable chains, Go Loco and Golden Chick, a construction hiccup threatened to delay the opening of two of their locations.

However, with the help of StoneCoat, they were able to keep the projects on schedule. In addition, using StoneCoat allowed them to reduce their construction costs while providing the design they wanted for their stories.

The Challenge

For both the Golden Chick and Go Loco locations, contractors were retrofitting existing buildings to house the restaurants. The restaurant operators wanted to create a unique look for each location that reflected the brands of each chain.

Arron Kim, the construction manager overseeing the project, shared how retrofitting the pre-existing structure was already a significant undertaking. The mission was to upgrade the facade to meet the vibrant aesthetics and functionality of these burgeoning restaurants.

Yet, as with many construction projects, things didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

The crux of the problem lay in the architect’s miscalculations, particularly on the Golden Chick location, which called for a stone veneer façade.

“The original plan did not provide correct specs for exterior material,” Kim explained. Stone veneer had already been purchased, but it was not enough. “Our supplier couldn’t meet the demand in time.”

This error wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about getting these eateries up and running as quickly as possible.

StoneCoat Keeps Projects on Track

Upon this unexpected challenge, Kim and his team turned to StoneCoat for an innovative solution. They worked closely to offer a solution that wasn’t just a makeshift fix but a visually appealing solution that would mirror the original stonework.

StoneCoat CARVE proved to be ideal for the Golden Chick location. The hydraulically applied limestone veneer system was able to be carved into a pattern and colored with pigments to precisely match the stone veneer that had already be installed. Upon completion, the two products were almost indistinguishable, ensuring that the restaurant would retain its sophisticated charm.

The Go Loco location had different design requirements, and StoneCoat SMOOTH was the choice. It provides the timeless look of stucco, but was easier to apply than traditional, Portland-based stucco. It gave the Go Loco restaurant a clean, modern aesthetic that beautifully complements its brand.

30 Percent Time Savings

The results of employing StoneCoat’s expertise were more than just visually appealing. “It was much more cost-effective, compared to removing the stonework already installed,” said Kim.

But perhaps the most striking advantage was the time saved. By Kim’s estimation, the use of StoneCoat expedited the project by about 30 percent, equating to a few weeks. For quick-service restaurants, this means they could open their doors faster, serving their customers and raking in revenue.

The speed, combined with the cost savings, positions StoneCoat as the go-to solution for such establishments with tight timelines and budgets.

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