StoneCoat is Helping to Create a New Era in Sustainable Construction

One of the fastest-growing coffee shop chains in the country, Dutch Bros Coffee is committed to sustainability, including in the construction of their stores. So when they were building two new stores in Texas and Oklahoma, StoneCoat helped them achieve their sustainability goals.

Dutch Bros used StoneCoat SMOOTH as an alternative to cement-based stucco and fiber cement board, and StoneCoat CARVE to mimic split face CMU block. They also used StoneCoat FUSION panels for the locations’ dumpster screen walls.

Meeting Sustainability Goals

By using StoneCoat materials, Dutch Bros was able to accomplish multiple goals during the construction process.

First, they reduced embodied emissions from the products they used in construction. StoneCoat’s limestone-based plaster, and its FUSION panels, are made from recycled materials and are manufactured using a low-energy process. In fact, StoneCoat materials have been shown to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional cement-based products. Just by selecting StoneCoat over traditional materials, Dutch Bros was ahead of the game.

Second, using StoneCoat allowed Dutch Bros to reduce energy consumption during construction. That’s because crews could install the StoneCoat FUSION panels and apply the StoneCoat cladding materials quickly, resulting in shorter construction timelines and less transportation to and from the jobsite.

Third, the StoneCoat products will increase the durability and longevity of the buildings. Once again, that’s due to the presence of limestone, which has been used for centuries to create building facades. Applied and adhering to nearly any substrate, StoneCoat SMOOTH and CARVE are more flexible and elastic than traditional Portland-based stucco, so they resist cracking.

Finally, StoneCoat materials helped Dutch Bros achieve lower lifecycle maintenance and operational carbon emissions. That’s because StoneCoat materials are easy to maintain and repair.

Beauty is Just as Important

While sustainability is important to Dutch Bros, the beauty and aesthetics of their buildings are just as important.

Crafted from natural limestone, StoneCoat materials provide the unparalleled beauty that companies like Dutch Bros need to make customers feel good about frequenting their stores. The claddings have a natural patina, with mineral pigments are integrated into the material instead of being painted on.

A Step Forward in Sustainable Construction

The Dutch Bros locations shows what’s possible by using sustainable building materials and construction methods.

“Making the change to sustainable construction doesn’t have to be a big, difficult adjustment. You can make incremental progress simply by looking for “green” equivalents to traditional building materials. At StoneCoat, we’re committed to making it easier for our customers to make smart choices and specify green building materials,” said Conor M. Butts, chief operating officer of StoneCoat. “We’re excited to help Dutch Bros Coffee build sustainable coffee shops that are setting a new standard for the industry.”

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