Designers use StoneCoat to create the look of ancient ruins in a famed entertainment venue

The designers who created the Rayleigh Underground entertainment venue wanted to create the look of an amphitheater carved deep into rock formations, set amongst ancient ruins. That’s a difficult look to pull off in Las Colinas, Texas.

But they did it.

The developers used StoneCoat CARVE throughout the facility, which is located at the famed Toyota Music Factory. The spectacular stone and rock finishes on the venue’s interior and exterior offer a showcase of what is possible with StoneCoat’s limestone plaster claddings and finishes.

“We wanted to create a unique and memorable guest experience at the Rayleigh Underground,” said Kim Forsythe, CEO of Restaurant Expert Management, Inc. “StoneCoat materials were the perfect way to capture the essence of the rediscovered underground amphitheater and bring it to life with texture, tones, and a variety of finishes throughout the venue.”

Captivating Experience

When you enter the Rayleigh Underground, you are immediately captivated by the large-format sheer rock walls. They look as though they’ve been there for centuries, complete with weathered rubble and plaster that suggest ages of water erosion and exposure to the elements.

On the stage itself, large blocks representing cut stones on the proscenium and stage walls offer a tangible sense of historical structural support.

“The dramatic finishes at the Rayleigh Underground make the venue truly unique,” said Chris Michero, co-founder and design principal at Emblem Interior Design. “StoneCoat materials were the perfect way to bring our vision to life, and we’re thrilled with the results.”

The distinctive finishes provided by StoneCoat materials add a tangible depth to the venue. Every detail, from the texture to the tones and variety of finishes, breathes life into the immersive venue experience, making each visit truly unique and memorable for guests.

StoneCoat brought this project to life under the creative direction of expert carver, Marcos Albajez Lopez (IG: @decoracionenpiedra). Marcos has years of experience carving replica stone structures and architectural features in Spain, and his training and guidance helped steer the project to be historically accurate.

How It’s Possible

Creating the look the designers wanted for the Rayleigh Underground using natural stone would have been almost impossible, or at least prohibitively expensive. The availability of materials, the weight of stone veneer, and the difficulty of installation meant that natural stone was simply not an option.

StoneCoat CARVE are hydraulically applied as a lightweight limestone veneer system which cures quickly. That makes them easier and faster to apply than stone veneer.

Best of all, those systems allow designers to create almost any look they can envision. The limestone can be mixed with pigments to create an authentic patina that integral to material itself, rather than painted on. StoneCoat CARVE can be carved into any pattern to achieve the look the designers want.

The Rayleigh Underground offers the perfect showcase for how StoneCoat CARVE and StoneCoat SMOOTH can be used to their full potential.

“The Rayleigh Underground is a remarkable project and a perfect example of how StoneCoat products can help designers and architects turn their visions into reality,” said Conor Butts, chief operating officer for StoneCoat. “We’re proud to be a part of this project and we know that visitors will be amazed and inspired by its design.”

Training is Available

StoneCoat CARVE and StoneCoat SMOOTH were developed to be easy to apply, and with just a little training, you can become an expert installer. By taking our hands-on training class, you can elevate your skills and become a StoneCoat Certified Pro. To learn more about the training and stay informed about upcoming classes, click here.

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