At StoneCoat, we believe in constructing a greener future for generations to come. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to develop innovative and eco-friendly building solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of your project but also reduce its environmental impact.

Experience the Beauty and Sustainability of Natural Limestone

Our exterior cladding solutions are crafted from natural limestone, offering unparalleled beauty and durability for your building projects. Through an extensive analysis of environmental product declarations (EPDs), we have found that our products emit up to 90% fewer carbon emissions compared to cement-based stucco and manufactured stone. With StoneCoat, you can achieve stunning results while also contributing to a more sustainable planet.

In addition to being sustainable, StoneCoat exterior cladding gives you versatility to achieve virtually any pattern or finish to match your architectural design. StoneCoat is offers two distinct cladding products:

StoneCoat SMOOTH is a natural limestone plaster that gives you the timeless look of stucco. The limestone plaster is created by combining finely ground limestone rock that has been heat treated with limestone sand and water. This technique of blending plaster has been used for thousands of years and remains a popular alternative to cement-based stucco today.

StoneCoat CARVE is a natural limestone veneer that can be carved into nearly any stone pattern to give you the elegant look of stone or brick. The blend is hydraulically applied by hand or through a mortar hopper gun, carved into the desired architectural design, and then finished with mineral pigments to give it a natural stone appearance. CARVE is a lightweight cladding and is a great option for value engineering your next building project.

StoneCoat cladding products have been tested in an accredited laboratory to meet international ASTM standards and are approved for use in commercial and residential construction applications. Our products have four main properties:

  • Durability: resistant to cracking and weathering and can retain its natural appearance for many years with little or no maintenance.

  • Breathability: limestone is a breathable material that allows moisture to escape from the building; this can help prevent issues with mold and mildew.

  • Aesthetics: our products have a natural patina and can be finished in a variety of colors and textures to suit different architectural styles.

  • Sustainability: StoneCoat products are sourced from natural resources or recycled materials and have been validated thru a lifecycle analysis and environmental product declaration to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to cement-based claddings.

Introducing FUSION: The Future of Structural Insulated Sheathing, 4-in-1 Performance

To complement our lineup of cladding products, we proudly present StoneCoat FUSION, our revolutionary structural insulated sheathing product made from recycled petroleum materials. FUSION has been thoughtfully designed to eliminate the need for multiple layers of wood, water-resistive barrier (WRB), exterior insulation (or EIFS), masonry backing (such as metal lath) and other building materials, making it an environmentally-conscious choice for your construction needs. By specifying FUSION, you not only reduce waste and material consumption but also support the circular economy by utilizing recycled materials.

Structural Sheathing & Integrated Masonry Backing: FUSION combines long-lasting structural sheathing with integrated masonry backing (such as metal lath) into a single lightweight panel. This design ensures exceptional support and strength, and is compatible with most exterior claddings, simplifying the installation process and enhancing overall performance of the building.

Built-In Exterior Insulation: Select from a range of rigid exterior insulation thicknesses attached to the back of the structural panel. The FUSION standard 2-inch exterior foam provides R-10 insulation rating for optional energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Continuous Air Barrier: Seams are sealed with composite laminate tape to create a continuous air and water barrier, effectively managing moisture and minimizing air leakage. This contributes to a more energy-efficient building exterior, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

Unified Water-Resistant Barrier: Effectively safeguard against water intrusion while allowing moisture to evaporate through a StoneCoat permeable exterior cladding of your choice, ensuring optimal protection and breathability. Our WRB is sustainably crafted with recycled petroleum waste and plastics.

The Benefits of FUSION Sheathing System

FUSION brings a myriad of advantages to your building projects:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Its superior insulation properties help reduce heat loss, ultimately leading to lower energy consumption and utility bills.

  • Simplified Installation: FUSION’s innovative design streamlines the installation process, saving time and labor costs.

  • Improved Durability: The integration of water and air resistive barriers in FUSION enhances its resistance to weather-related damage, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Why Choose StoneCoat Eco-Friendly Building Solutions?

When you choose StoneCoat, you’re investing in the future of our planet. Our cutting-edge products and sustainable approach to building materials ensure that you’re making a positive impact on the environment while also enjoying the benefits of high-quality, durable, and visually appealing construction solutions.

With StoneCoat, you can expect:

  1. Eco-friendly materials that reduce carbon emissions and waste.

  2. Natural limestone cladding solutions that offer beauty and durability.

  3. The FUSION structural insulated sheathing, a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials.

  4. Expert support and guidance from our dedicated team of professionals.

Applications of StoneCoat Products

StoneCoat products are versatile and can be utilized for a wide range of applications:

  • Residential construction

  • Commercial buildings

  • Architectural projects

  • Renovations and retrofitting

No matter the scale or complexity of your project, StoneCoat offers the perfect sustainable solution to meet your needs.

Embrace the Future of Sustainable Construction with StoneCoat

Join us in our mission to build a greener future by choosing StoneCoat eco-friendly building solutions for your next construction project. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the environment, create beautiful spaces, and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

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