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Fashions change when it comes to home exteriors, but traditional stucco remains a popular choice among homeowners to give that natural stone or English cottage look. However, traditional stucco can be expensive, and installation and curing times can be lengthy.

Fortunately, StoneCoat Smooth offers a cost-effective, durable modern alternative. In addition, it’s suitable for installation on a range of surfaces and, unlike many stucco alternatives, it’s climate-positive.

The Benefits of StoneCoat Smooth

  • 20-year product warranty and two-year installation warranty
  • Sets overnight
  • Climate-positive during curing
  • 100% UV protection
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Low susceptibility to mold or cracking compared to traditional stucco
  • Low cost

Apply to a Range of Substrates

StoneCoat Smooth is incredibly versatile and can be applied to cementitious substances such as concrete or brick without additional bonding agents, providing a considerable cost-saving solution. It can be applied to wood with a lathe and a vapor barrier, metal cladding using OSB and drywall, and painted brick or existing stucco with VersaBond.

If you’re unsure if StoneCoat Smooth will work with the surface you want to cover, you can contact us for a free consultation.

Match Your Existing Surface for Renovations or Repairs

StoneCoat Smooth is a fantastic choice for renovating your old stucco finishes, whether on a brick house exterior, basement finish or any other residential or commercial property surface. In addition, we can match the finish to your stone veneer or stucco remediation project, providing an appearance that exactly duplicates your building’s original look.

Better for the Environment

At StoneCoat, we pride ourselves on our products’ reduced environmental impact, and we invest heavily in developing environmentally friendly building materials. StoneCoat Smooth is limestone-based and produces 6x fewer climate-altering emissions than traditional stucco. In addition, it’s climate-positive during the curing process, and its insulating properties will improve your home’s energy efficiency.

StoneCoat Smooth FAQs

StoneCoat Smooth is typically not vulnerable to cracking and will only do so if the substrate isn’t adequately saturated during installation. This is more likely to occur in unusually hot and windy conditions.

Typically, any cracks that do occur will be hairline cracks that won’t affect the structure’s integrity. As StoneCoat Smooth is self-bonding, minimal repairs can be done seamlessly.

The root of any water damage or mold is likely due to the substrate rather than the StoneCoat Smooth finish. Damaged areas can be easily removed and replaced. Because of StoneCoat’s naturally occurring properties and StoneCoat Shield top coat, water can not penetrate in, but water vapor can evaporate out.
Whether you’re an architect, contractor or builder working on residential or commercial buildings, StoneCoat Smooth is a perfect choice. It can be used as a stucco alternative in a siding project to cover brick, replace vinyl siding or handle a wide range of new build or renovation projects where durability and low maintenance are required. It’s also ideal for energy-efficiency projects as an extra layer of exterior insulation.
Each bag of StoneCoat weighs 50lbs and on average, will cover 12SF. Unlike traditional stucco, there is no added mixture like sand. Just add water and StoneCoat is ready to be applied.
StoneCoat offers 40 hour certification programs for your installers where they will learn and master installation techniques for both Carve and Smooth.
StoneCoat Smooth installation and application takes almost 33% less time than traditional stucco. You also have fewer long term maintenance costs. No paint or repaint is required. Our product colors are mixed with proprietary mineral pigments upon application.

StoneCoat Smooth® Colors


Stone Grey is light grey in color and makes for a striking stone finish that flaunts alluring curb appeal. It consists of naturally derived minerals that give it its soft, yet highly appealing light shade of grey. Contemporary in its nature, Stone Grey will continue to keep you captivated.


Sandstone color gravitates earthy and elegant together. It is light beige in color and receives its natural earth tone pigments from authentic minerals. Sandstone is created for all desired aesthetics and has proved to be timeless.

Radiant White stucco alternative

Radiant White possesses its pure and brilliant color from natural minerals of the Earth. It boasts stunningly in the sun, gleams in the moonlight and is sure to modernize the exterior or interior of your next project. Pristine and authentic, Radiant White is sure to mesmerize any onlooker.

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