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Structural Sheathing & Integrated Lath

FUSION combines long-lasting structural sheathing with integrated lath into a single panel. This design ensures exceptional support and strength, and is compatible with most exterior claddings, simplifying the installation process and enhancing overall performance of the building’s exterior.

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Built-In Exterior Insulation

Select from a range of rigid exterior insulation thicknesses integrated into the back of the structural panel. The FUSION standard 2-inch exterior foam, you can achieve an R-10 insulation rating for optimal energy efficiency and thermal performance.

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Air Barrier

Seams are sealed with composite laminate tape to create a continuous air and water barrier, effectively managing moisture and minimizing air leakage. This contributes to a more energy-efficient building exterior, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

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Unified Water-Resistant Barrier

Effectively safeguard against water intrusion while allowing moisture to evaporate through permeable exterior cladding, ensuring optimal protection and breathability. Our WRB is sustainably crafted with recycled plastics.

A rendering of the exterior of a house covered in StoneCoat FUSION showing a cutaway of a portion of the roof

Speed & Ease of Installation

When installed properly, FUSION SIS can replace four components from a traditional wall assembly: the wall sheathing, exterior insulation/thermal break, water-resistant barrier, and the substrate for various claddings including masonry.

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See how FUSION building enclosures deliver 4-in-1 performance

A StoneCoat FUSION Board

Integrated Protection, Fast Installation

Discover the ultimate solution for quicker dry-ins and shorter construction times.

Advancing Modern Building Enclosures

Elevate your building experience with the advanced weather-proofing FUSION structural insulated sheathing for superior protection and performance.

A graphic showing the 3 layers of a StoneCoat FUSION Board

StoneCoat Claddings Adhere Directly to the Panel

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Adaptable Finishes to Match Your Architectural Design

Multiple sizes of StoneCoat FUSION Boards

A Variety of Products Allow Builders to Meet the Code Requirements of their Specific Regions

The front cover of the StoneCoat FUSION Installation Guide

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

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Building Applications

StoneCoat products deliver exceptional value in both commercial and residential building applications, with wall systems and claddings designed to outperform traditional materials. Our solutions are cost-competitive and provide enhanced durability, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness. The versatility of StoneCoat products enables value engineering (VE) for high-end finishes, making them the smart choice for builders and property owners seeking top-tier performance without compromising on budget.

Commercial Businesses

A rendering of a commercial structure using StoneCoat products on its exterior

StoneCoat products excel in commercial and multi-family construction projects due to their impressive combination of durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Our cost-competitive solutions provide long-lasting performance, enhancing building value while reducing maintenance and environmental impact.

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Residential Applications

A rendering of the exterior of a house using StoneCoat Products

StoneCoat products are ideal for residential construction, whether new builds or remodels, offering homeowners an appealing fusion of beauty, durability and sustainability. These cost-effective solutions are easy to install and maintain, elevating curb appeal and enhancing property value, while also supporting eco-friendly living.

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A rendering of the exterior of a house using StoneCoat Products

StoneCoat SMOOTH

With StoneCoat SMOOTH natural limestone plaster, you can get the timeless look of stucco.

Timeless Design.
Enduring Performance.

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A rendering of the exterior of a house using StoneCoat Products

StoneCoat CARVE

With StoneCoat CARVE natural limestone veneer, you can get the elegant look of stone or brick in a system that provides more options and better performance.

Traditional Elegance Meets Tomorrow’s Innovation.

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