Developer uses StoneCoat CARVE to recreate ancient Croatian architecture

Step inside the chapel at Adriatica Croatian Village, and you’ll feel like you’re in a postcard bought in a tiny gift shop in one of the villages that cling to Croatia’s glimmering Dalmatian Coast. Rising out of the water, the chapel looks like it’s been there for a thousand years.

Located in McKinney, Texas, Adriatica Croatian Village is different from most any suburban development you’ll find across America. It’s the realization of developer Jeff Blackard’s vision to recreate the charm and longevity of the villages that dot Croatia’s coastline.

StoneCoat CARVE was a key component in bringing that vision to life.

Authentic Old-World Feel

The homes and buildings that make up the Balkan country’s picturesque coastline were built by master stone craftsman, centuries ago. Recreating that look using modern materials – and adhering to modern building standards – might seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Or at least extremely expensive.

“I would have had to bring in a stone carver from overseas,” said Blackard. That would have made the project all but impossible.

However, Blackard used StoneCoat CARVE to clad the chapel, giving it the old-world, Mediterranean look he wanted. “I’m a big fan of stone,” he said, referring to the architecture of the Adriatic coastlines and the sense of natural permanence the structures in that region have. “I wanted Adriatica Croatian Village to have that same kind of authenticity.

As with Entrada at Westlake, the StoneCoat CARVE cladding allowed the builders to create the authentic look of stone at a fraction of the weight and cost. Made with limestone plaster, StoneCoat CARVE is a lightweight veneer system that’s easy to apply and cures overnight.

Once applied, it can be carved into virtually any pattern so that it resembles brick or stone masonry. Pigments can be added to the materials so the color and patina is integral to the material itself, instead of painted on.

Look of Real Stone

For Blackard, StoneCoat CARVE allowed him to create a chapel in Texas that looked like it had been disassembled in Croatia and rebuilt, stone for stone. Authenticity was important to him, and StoneCoat CARVE passed the ultimate test.

“I used real stone in the chapel, in addition to the StoneCoat product,” he said. “The StoneCoat material and real stone are right next to each other, and you can’t tell the difference.”

In addition, Blackard appreciated being able to achieve the authentic stone look at a reasonable cost. “With the StoneCoat CARVE material, you can shape it however you want, creating the look of stone architecture from any part of the world,” he said. “And it’s a fraction of the cost of real, quarried stone.”

That meant Blackard could give residents and visitors of Adriatica Croatian Village the authentic environment and experience of a Dalmatian Coast village in the heart of Texas.

Training is Available

StoneCoat CARVE and StoneCoat SMOOTH were developed to be easy to apply, and with just a little training, you can become an expert installer. By taking our hands-on training class, you can elevate your skills and become a StoneCoat Certified Pro. To learn more about the training and stay informed about upcoming classes, click here.

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