How StoneCoat is revolutionizing exterior insulation with FUSION

In the last ten years, several technological advancements have been introduced to improve exterior insulation and energy-efficient wall systems, but none has been more significant than StoneCoat FUSION.

An innovative new insulated sheathing product, StoneCoat FUSION helps builders create energy-efficient wall systems without the compromises of traditional systems. StoneCoat FUSION is a single-panel structural insulated sheathing system that replaces four layers of materials used in traditional exterior wall systems.

The patent-pending, 4-in-1 design eliminates the need for masonry backing and is compatible with most cladding systems. The two-inch panels are lightweight and easy to install, weighing just 18.2 pounds compared to competitive panels that weigh almost 45 pounds. That makes them faster and easier to install, saving time and money.

The Problems with Traditional Exterior Insulation and Sheathing Materials

Because they include four or more separate materials, traditional exterior wall systems are clunky and difficult to install. They are also susceptible to water damage during installation, before cladding is applied. This can lead to cracking, mold, and other issues caused by water intrusion.

Because traditional wall systems are made up of separate building materials, the installation process can be long and complicated. Builders have to source as many as four different materials and rely on multiple crews to install them over the course of several days or even weeks.

The heavier materials are expensive and energy-intensive to transport and are difficult for installation crews to handle. This has added time and cost to the construction of both residential and commercial buildings.

How FUSION Solves those Problems

Simplicity is at the heart of what makes FUSION one of the most innovative building products to be introduced in the last 20 years. It’s what gives the panel its cost-effectiveness as well as its performance advantages.

FUSION is a single panel solution engineered for exterior sheathing and waterproofing. Once the FUSION panels are installed and the seams are sealed, the building is effectively waterproofed.

FUSION performance has been tested to meet ASTM standards and is approved for nearly all construction types, including wood stud & metal frame, tilt wall and screen wall applications. And, because it’s a single, lightweight panel, it can be installed in a fraction of the time as traditional systems, by a single crew.

By using the StoneCoat FUSION panel, builders can significantly reduce material costs and labor time compared to traditional exterior wall systems.

Improving Building Performance

While the speed and ease of installation FUSION offers is important, builders are most concerned about the durability and performance of the structures they create. Again, FUSION was engineered to deliver the performance builders – and their clients – demand.

Builders are increasingly contending with the 2021 Energy Code, which is becoming more widely adopted across the United States. An important part of the Energy Code is the increased requirements in R-values, as well as the need for continuous insulation on the outside of the building envelope.

StoneCoat FUSION addresses those requirements by offering an insulation level of R-10 in standard applications using the two-inch panel. FUSION is also offered in a one-inch panel, which offers an R-5 rating, or an eight-inch panel that provides up to an R-40 rating. The variety of products allow builders to meet the code requirements of their specific regions.

FUSION also contributes to the durability and longevity of buildings. Its structural insulated sheathing and integrated masonry backing ensure exceptional design and strength. The panels also resist cracking, rotting, and mold that can be common in traditional building materials.

A Carbon-Neutral Product

Another key concern for builders as well as clients is sustainability. The construction industry is continually looking for products and methods to reduce its environmental impact and reduce its carbon emissions.

FUSION was developed to address these needs. It is a sustainable, carbon-neutral product, as the laminate is made from recycled petroleum products, making it easier for builders, developers and architects to meet environmental requirements and gain LEED points.

When paired with StoneCoat exterior cladding products, FUSION allows builders to achieve even greater sustainability. StoneCoat SMOOTH and StoneCoat CARVE cladding materials are crafted from natural limestone, which emit up to 90% fewer carbon emissions compared to cement-based stucco and manufactured stone.

Part of the StoneCoat System

The FUSION panel was developed to be an integral part of the StoneCoat system, including StoneCoat cladding products, which are engineered to bond directly to the FUSION panel. That eliminates the need for metal lath or other masonry backing.

So, if the project design calls for the timeless look of stucco or the elegance of stone veneer, StoneCoat SMOOTH or StoneCoat CARVE can be applied directly to the FUSION panel, creating a complete exterior wall sheathing, insulation and cladding system, all in a few steps.

Is StoneCoat FUSION Right for Your Project?

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