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We constantly strive for innovation through research, development and testing to ensure the quality of our products. Here are the requirements met by our products:

  • One-, Two-, and Three-Coat System
  • Testing Requirements for AC11:
  • ASTM C-926 (Portland Cement-Based Plaster)
  • ASTM E-0072 (Transverse Load Test – Horizontal)
  • ASTM C-109 (Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortar Test)
  • ASTM E-0136 (Vertical Tube Furnace at 750°C Test)
  • ASTM E-0119 (Fire Resistance Test)
  • TAS 202 (Hurricane Uniform Static Air Test)
  • TAS 203 (Hurricane Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading Test)
  • ASTM C-0025 (Chemical Analysis of Lime Products)
Values Proposition
  • Residential owners/builders
  • Commerical owners/builders
  • Multifamily rehabs
  • Industrial
  • Architects
Guide Specs
  • AC-11 Report
  • Guide Specs
  • ASTM Specs